Some Factors That Make Global Sevilla International School Di Jakarta Unique

Some Factors That Make Global Sevilla International School Di Jakarta Unique

If you are a parent looking for a good school in Jakarta, the answer will be abundant. It also applied to the Sekolah Internasional Jakarta, which is pretty much one of the most demanded educational bodies right now. But among many, Global Sevilla stands out with its unique factors. What are those factors? Here are the aspects that will make education even better. 

Mindfulness-Based Approach 

Mindfulness makes the school pretty unique. It is an approach, which takes a similar function to yoga. In other words, the school will provide a specific time stamp where the students can get a silent or quiet time for meditation. In this approach, the school highlight the importance of students well being in school and during learning. 

The approach practices a mindfulness action, where the students can reflect on their mood, emotion, and thinking. It helps the student to reduce the possible stress and overwhelming stress in the class. When properly used, the act will help regulate behavior, emotion, and focus, thus creating a more calming and relaxing atmosphere for their study.  

Character Building Focus 

A unique intake in education that help the international school di Jakarta stands out is its character-building focus. It is a learning that is nearly rear in today’s education since many schools only focus on good academic outcomes. However, Global Sevilla takes its ability and curricula to make a more thorough education for both academic and personal learning. 

The school highlight that positive character is as vital as academics, which include skills, personal strength, abilities, potential, and characteristics. Character building is also meant to discover students’ weaknesses; thus, they can improve in school. Global Sevilla takes the idea even further by teaching students the values of compassion, giving, and self-control in their education. 

IPC And Cambridge Primary Blend 

A nice touch by the school about international curricula in Cambridge is its flexibility. The international school di Jakarta eventually combine the primary Cambridge curriculum with IPC or international primary curriculum from fieldwork education in the UK. It is a solution to give a more thorough and detailed education with vast subject scope, including English, science, math, thematic, and other comprehensive learning.  

Being unique in the education industry demand a good strategy and consideration. Global Sevilla surely knows what they will face with a unique approach, focus, and curricula. It also showcases that the school is one of the best in Jakarta. Don’t miss that unique factor that bumps up the education quality. Check out Global Sevilla now, for the best school in Jakarta.Referensi:

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